Ooredoo Maldives has begun hosting Community iftar which it plans to hold every Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan.

The Company said that the event was organized with the help of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and that its first event was held yesterday during Iftar.

Ooredoo said that it started the community iftar to bring the community together through the spirit of giving and unity.

The Community Iftar is being held at the ground of Salman mosque on Bodu thakurufaanu magu of Male'.

Around 200 people broke their fast at the Iftar organized by Ooredoo yesterday.

Migrants enjoying Iftar hosted by Ooredoo/Photo: Ooredoo

Most of those were migrant workers who live in Male' and who oftentimes have no place to go during Iftar other than mosques that offer iftar packages as charity.