MP for Addu Meedhoo Constituency Rozaina Adam has aimed criticism at the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed saying that while the Speaker is backing Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim for the Presidential election, Nasheed has been talking ill about the Qasim constantly.

Rozaina made the accusations in relation to a tweet by Nasheed's alter account, 'Hassan Kurusee' in which he commented on Qasim's recent comment on being open to choosing ex-President Maumoon's son Faris Maumoon as his running mate.

In response to this, MP Rozaina said that it can be measured how such people think and alluded that while Nasheed is working to bring Qasim into power, he had been constantly talking about Qasim's death.

She joked that the country would get to see someone helping another come into power while also wishing for their death during the tenure.

MP Rozaina, a stern critic of Nasheed, is a supporter of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaker Nasheed is leading a separate political movement within MDP that is looking to back JP leader Qasim for the elections instead of MDP Presidential candidate President Solih.