MP for Ungoofaaru Constituency Mohamed Waheed has submitted a resolution to the parliament calling on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to realign the government's work and policies back to the ideologies and principles of MDP.

MP Waheed, who is an avid supporter of the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, said in the resolution that as per the MDP constitution, the people must have the right and power to decide on matters related to them.

It further said that MDP had created a manifesto to further empower the people in this regard and that their views and opinions were taken into account when the manifesto was written.

The resolution noted that MDP has produced manifestos for the last three presidential elections and that it is a basic principle of the party that all presidents, elected officials, and political figures that represent the party adhere to the manifesto.

But the resolution said that some of the policies of this government go against the principles of the manifesto and that many in the public are concerned about this.

It also called on the government to give more chances to private businesses rather than public businesses. It further called on the government to fulfill the pledges to increase productivity and increase income by further developing the fisheries, agriculture, and guest house sectors.

The resolution goes as far as to call the government to bend its policies as per the MDP manifesto.