President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says connecting the whole country via a transport link was an MDP idea but that the country witnessed the outcome of the idea when it was executed without a plan.

He made the remarks on a trip to Shaviyani Kanditheemu during his campaign to win the MDP Presidential candidacy.

The President said that the islands of Shaviyani Atoll have long been isolated within the country but when this administration came into power it focused on providing basic services without regard to where the people were situated.

President Solih noted that water and sewerage networks are being established in all the islands of the constitution.

He said that the Maldivian geographical distribution does not allow full economic output without connecting the islands via a transport network. The President said that connecting the whole country via a transport network was an idea from MDP and that his administration was working to make it a reality.

He added that this work was initiated before without a sufficient plan and this administration has now connected the northern islands via the RTL High-Speed ferry network that it inaugurated.