Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says MPs would aim to pass 10 reports during today's session including the report on the Proposed State Budget.

Today is the last parliamentary session for the year and the whole house would go to recess after today's session.

Speaking at the beginning of the session, Nasheed said that MPs would debate on 10 reports including the one on the Proposed Budget and that these reports would be put to vote.

Some of the reports on the parliamentary agenda include the national security committee's report on banning chemical weapons as well as the report by the State Owned Enterprises Committee on the motion that calls for equal electricity services in Male' and Atolls.

The Speaker said that since this is the last session for the year, it could be long.

He further said that it was difficult to say when the reports would be put to vote as all the other work needs to be completed first.

The Budget Committee had added an additional MVR 160 million and passed a budget of MVR 42.8 billion budget on the 18th of this month.