Vice President Faisal Naseem has assured the administration is committed to assisting private education and healthcare institutions.

He made these remarks while speaking at the "Students' Achievement Awards 2022" ceremony of Villa College held at the Q.I. Campus.

Speaking at the event, the Vice President extended his appreciation for the achievements Villa College has made over the past 15 years. He also highlighted educational institutions' challenges when they first commenced higher education programs.

The Vice President noted that more needs to be done to further strengthen the higher education sector. Highlighting the need for more local expertise in various needs-based occupations, the Vice President noted that numerous initiatives are underway to train professionals in multiple industries across the country.

The Vice President also emphasized the significance of collaboration between public and private educational institutions to recognize the requirements and implement programs to build human capacity in those areas.

At the ceremony, the Vice President conferred awards to 11 recipients of the "Qasim Ibrahim Award for Excellence." Villa College held its first student achievement awards in 2021.