Leader of Jumhooree Party Qasim Ibrahim says he has never been a politician but a person who worked for reform.

Speaking in an interview on Raaje TV's 'Fashaa Iru' program, Qasim said that if he was indeed a politician he would not be doing any work to reform the country.

Qasim, who is also the MP for Maamgili Constituency, said that it was yet difficult to say whether or not he would be competing in the 2023 Presidential Election as JP's candidate.

He also said that if he was a politician he would now be the President. He added that there are reasons why he does not want to be a politician but did not divulge this further.

Qasim said that he is willing to do anything to reform the country and eluded that he spent most of his fortune on national development and human resources development by providing higher education opportunities.

He said that he spend 60 percent of his wealth on such endeavors and that the other 40 percent he had spent on investments.