Police have released religious scholar Sheikh Adam Nishan from their custody 45 days after he was apprehended.

Sheikh Nishan was arrested in relation to the violence that followed the Yoga Day events held at the National Stadium back in June of this year.

He was arrested while on his way to Maqrib prayers with his 7-year-old son.

The Criminal Court ordered the release of the scholar with conditions. With these conditions, Sheikh Nishan is prohibited from leaving Male' and must notify the police if he wishes to change his mobile number.

Sheikh Nishan has also been conditioned to present himself to the Police whenever they summon him for further investigation of the case.

Authorities had also arrested scholar Sheikh Fazloon Bin Mohamed but had released him, also with conditions.

Upon their arrest, the Islamic Minister revoked the permits issued to the scholars allowing them to give public sermons and religious talks. The Ministry had not clarified whether their permits have been restored upon their release.