Former President Abdullah Yameen and his former Defence Minister and current MP for Dhagethi Constituency Colonel Retired Mohamed Nazim have exchanged harsh words on Twitter.

The Twitter spat began after Yameen tweeted labeling Nazim and leader of Jumhooree party Gasim Ibrahim as traitors.

Yameen said that the religious scholars of the Adhalath party have found deliverance in the current administration. He then directed his words to Nazim and Gasim accusing them of distancing themselves from the abyss they have thrown the country into and calling their efforts meek.

Yameen further questioned whether the duo were trying to redeem themselves and said that they would be traitors till death.

In his defense, MP Nazim, who is now the interim leader of the recently formed MNP, questioned who is the biggest traitor to the nation none other than President Yameen.

MP Nazim directed his words to the ex-president saying that Yameen's administration was covered in filth; bribery, theft, fraud, jailing the whole opposition, and crippling the state institutions.

The former Defense Minister then asked who the biggest traitor was and asked if the ex-President was still claiming to be a patriot.

MP Nazim then shared Al-Jazeera's exclusive report on the corruption within Yameen's government.