Police have denied accusations that officials from the Indian High Commission visited the custodial jail where detainees of the Yoga Day event were being held.

A crowd of youth had interrupted a government-organized event held on the 21st of last month to celebrate International Yoga Day at the Galolhu National Stadium.

Police at the event had arrested several protesters on the scene and made other arrests in the following days with a total of 21 suspects arrested following the violence that day.

At a press conference organized by the lawyers of those still under custody, one of the lawyers said that Indian officials were allowed to visit the detainees at the custodial jail and that the officials had verbally abused the detainees.

In response, Police denied these accusations and said that Indian officials had not visited the detainees while under custody.

Police also said that the media should be mindful when reporting such information as news and that this widens the bridge between the public and the Police organization.

They advised the media should bring such news based on trustworthy sources.