National Disaster Management Authority NDMA has confirmed that 6 islands in the Thaa Atoll sustained severe damage in the storm surges reported across the country yesterday.

It said that the airport and residential houses on the island of Thimarafushi in Thaa Atoll sustained damage due to the surges. NDMA said that 30 families on the island were moved to temporary shelters while 1 family is currently under the island council.

MNDF Soldiers working to ease flood damages/ Photo: MNDF

NDMA said that the sewerage and sanitation system on the island of Thaa Gaafushi were damaged due to the surges.

The Authority noted that 90 percent of the houses on the island of Thaa Kinbidhoo sustained salt water damages due to the bad weather and storm surges and that 60 percent of the houses on Madifushi of the atoll also reported water damages.

In Thaa Veymandoo, the storm surges damaged the island's sewerage and sanitation system, and the strong winds ripped off the roofs of two houses.

NDMA also said that 4 houses on the island of Thaa Dhiyamigili reported damages due to the bad weather.

The weekend's bad weather follows Met Office warnings over severe conditions on Thursday.

Met Office said that due to the enhancement of southwest monsoon activity in the region, scattered showers with thunderstorms and heavy showers are expected across the country over the next 72 hours.