Police have clarified no foreign parties are involved in the investigation of the blackmailing and leaked video cases.

This comes amid reports that Police have sought assistance from their partners abroad in the investigation into the leaked videos and blackmail cases.

Police said in a tweet that there is no involvement of any foreign counterparts in the investigation of the blackmailing and leaked video cases that have popped up recently.

Police added that these cases are being investigated by Serious and Organized Crime Department of Maldives Police Service.

Several leaked videos have been circulated on Social Media which show several high-profile individuals involved in controversial sex acts including having same-sex relations and group sex.

The individuals include some MPs and the brother and lawyer of the Speaker of the Parliament Nazim Sattar.

Many have criticized the Police for failing to investigate those who have been seen in the videos but rather pushing to arrest those leaking the videos.

Regarding this, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz had said before that having same-sex relations is a serious crime and that the Police have been and will always investigate such cases reported to them.

He also said that they were investigating these cases along with the blackmailing cases too.