Police have arrested two more individuals in relation to the violence that followed after a group of youth had barged into Galolhu National Stadium while International Yoga Day activities were underway at the stadium.

Police revealed the identities of the latest suspects arrested over the Yoga Day violence and said that the two were 25-year-old Aboobaruku Fariu and 31-year-old Shabim Adam.

They also said that the two suspects were taken to the Criminal Court for their remand hearings and that the Court remanded Fariu to 60 days in custody while Shabim was given 5 days in Police custody.

The latest arrests take the total number of individuals arrested over the Yoga Day violence to 21. Those arrested include two prominent religious scholars including Sheikh Fazloon Bin Mohamed and Sheikh Adam Nishan Bin Ali Adam.

Since their arrest, the Islamic Ministry has revoked its license issued to them to give religious sermons in the country.

The Yoga Day activities held on the 21st of June involved local and foreign dignitaries and while the violence at the event put them in jeopardy, security services at the event were also scrutinized for allowing protesters to break their lines.