Police have revealed the identity of the 6 individuals arrested yesterday after a group of youth barged into Galolhu National Stadium to disrupt the Yoga Day events being held at the stadium.

The event was organized by the Youth Ministry and the Indian High Commission and many locals and foreigners took part in the early-morning event which was interrupted by the crowd who pushed through Police lines formed at the gates.

Police identified the 6 individuals who were arrested at the scene yesterday, including 47-year-old Mohamed Hussain of Green House, Haa Alifu Thuraakunu, 43-year-old Mohamed Nadeem of Veenas, Kaafu Thulusdhoo, 40-year-old Mohamed Mausoom of Happy Side of Thaa Madifushi, 37-year-old Mohamed Zilyan of Mahchangoalhi Kanuhuraa of Male', 35-year-old Ameen Ahmed of Lily Park, Gaafu Dhaalu Rathafandhoo, and 30-year-old Shami Rashad Idrees of Dhaftharu, Male'.

A group of youth barged in to disrupt the Yoga Day event

Police further said that once the suspects were taken to their remand hearings, the court had decided to keep 2 of them under police custody for a further 5 days while the other four had been remanded in custody for 2 months.

Mohamed Zilyan and Shami Rashaad Idrees are the detainees given a 5-day remand period while Mohamed Hussain, Mohamed Nadeem, Mohamed Mausoom, and Ameen Ahmed now face remand custody of 2 months.

Police said that its Serious and Organized Crimes Unit is investigating the case. Police had also set up a special portal to collect photos and videos related from the public in relation to the incidents from yesterday morning.

They have also guaranteed that they would keep the identity of those who share pictures and videos through this portal.