Environment Minister Aminath Shauna says since Waste Management Corporation WAMCO implemented its waste segregation policy, most households are segregating their waste remarkably well.

WAMCO had implemented its amended waste collection policy at the beginning of this month under which it had said that only segregated waste would be collected.

The Corporation had set three categories for segregation including wet waste, plastic bottles, and mixed waste.

Speaking about the new collection policy, Minister Shauna said on Twitter that most households are completely segregating their waste and that some are mostly separating their waste.

She further said that this was just after two weeks of the new policy implementation and that it can be improved upon.

The Minister had also shared heat maps of waste segregation in both Male' and Hulhumale'.

Waste segregation Heat Map for Male'/ Photo: Environment Minister

The heat map for Male' shows that most of the households in the area are yet to achieve super segregation while most segregate their waste on an irregular basis or none at all.

Hulhumale' too is yet to achieve commendable levels of waste segregation as per the heat map.