President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says his administration aims to build generations of skilled, talented, and innovative youth.

The President made these remarks while speaking at Funadhoo School's golden jubilee anniversary event.

Reiterating the administration's commitment to ensuring inclusive education and the right for every child to quality education and learning, the President said it aims to build generations of skilled, talented, and innovative youth who strive toward maintaining cohesion and harmony in society.

He added that the administration's free first-degree program sought to realize these goals. In addition to heeding school education, the President urged all students to be mindful of what is happening around them and consider ways to contribute to community development.

In his speech, the President also spoke about the achievements of Funadhoo school over years and noted that its most significant contribution to the community is the human resources it helped develop over its 50-year-long history.

Speaking further about the school's achievements, the President noted that many of the school's alumni are valuable members of society, serving in leading roles on the island and in the region. The President also spoke about the numerous academic achievements of the school on the national stage.

President Solih presenting a plaque to a long-serving staff of Funadhoo schoo/ Photo: President's Office

At the ceremony, the President presented commemorative "Golden Jubilee Honour" plaques to the long-serving staff of the school. The honor recipients included the school's founder, the late Abdulla Abdul Kareem, and teacher Abdul Haadhee Yoosuf. The President also presented commemorative plaques to long-serving employees who have served for over 15 and 20 years.