Bank of Maldives has collaborated with local dive schools to provide introductory Discover Dives for children with disabilities as part of its activities to celebrate World Oceans Day this year.

BML said that 18 participants from Maldives Association for Person with Disabilities and Autism Association joined the dive.

It further said that the main aim of this initiative is to provide children with disabilities an opportunity to experience the ocean through scuba diving, which is proven to be both therapeutic and rehabilitative.

18 participants took part in the dive arranged by BML/ Photo: BML

BML added Locally renowned dive centers, Divers Lodge, Dive Club, and Moodhu Bulhaa Dive Centre supported the discover dive sessions over three days.

To mark World Oceans Day, the Bank also announced a Tiktok challenge to celebrate “Moodhu Moments”.

It said to participate, Tiktok users can share a video about what the ocean means to them to win an exciting gift bundle.

BML added that participants can submit videos before 13th June 2022.