Opposition leader and Former President Abdullah Yameen says the current administration won't investigate the 'Finifenmaa Launch' blast which had been claimed as an assassination attempt against him in 2015.

Speaking at a political rally held by PPM last night, Yameen said that the current government had made a deal with former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb who had been accused of being the mastermind behind the assassination attempt.

Yameen said that in the deal, Adeeb had conditioned the government not to investigate the incident as long as it was in power and insisted that the state cannot decide whether or not to investigate such a massive terrorist attack.

He further said that the current system only allows a police investigation before a case is submitted to the Prosecutor general's office and that this is also applicable to criminal cases.

He added these things should be changed.

An explosion was seen inside 'Finifemaa' launch that was carrying then-President Yameen and wife/ Photo: Social Media

Back in 2015, an explosion had occurred inside the 'Finifenma' launch in which then-President Yameen and his wife had been traveling to Male' in after returning from Saudi Arabi having performed Hajj that year.

The explosion had injured Yameen's wife but he had escaped with little to no injuries.

Most of the fingers were pointed at Yameen's Vice President Adeeb with an intelligence report accusing him of being the mastermind behind the incident.

Adeeb was later sentenced to 15 years in jail for an assassination attempt but the supreme court later canceled the sentence.