Finance Ministry has confirmed that the government is working to amend the salary structures for lecturers working in universities.

This follows a silent strike by faculty members of both Maldives National University (MNU) and Islamic University of the Maldives (IUM) demanding a salary hike for them after the government had unveiled a new and improved salary structure for the education sector earlier this month.

The salary hike to the education sector includes teachers as well as deputy principals and principals with no mention of a salary increment for university teachers.

Speaking to 'The Press' on the matter, an official from the Finance Ministry said that the government was working to amend the salary structure for lecturers and that since the work is underway, it would be difficult to pinpoint an exact date that the change would be announced.

The salary increment means 8,889 staff members across the education sector will receive a salary increase.

The government has allocated an extra MVR 488 million from the State budget every year.