Former President and opposition leader Abdullah Yameen has described the anti-India campaign to drive out the Indian soldiers deployed in the country as an act of love for the country.

In a tweet, Yameen said that the Indian troops in the country must be driven out and this is something that must be done out of royalty to the country.

He added that more should be done to express one's love for the nation.

Since Yameen has been released from prison after the supreme court overturned his five-year jail sentence, the opposition has ramped up its anti-India campaign by staging protests and rallies in Male' along with other islands of the country.

Ex-President Yameen promoting 'India Out' campaign/ Photo: PPM

This has indeed prompted President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to issue a decree declaring that the activities under the anti-India campaign 'India Out' would not be tolerated and said that the campaign was a threat to national security.