Chief of Staff at the President's Office Ali Zahir says earlier today his Twitter account was compromised and unauthorized tweets were sent out amid the outrage over a tweet made from his verified account.

In a reply to a tweet by a prominent MDP activist, Zahir had sent out a strongly worded tweet and profanity was also used to describe those working around President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Though the tweet was subsequently deleted, many took to the social media platform to criticize the Chief of Staff for the tweet.

This includes former MDP Chairperson Hassan Latheef as well as the Vice Speaker of the parliament MP Eva Abdullah who called out Ali Zahir for trying to influence the MDP internal election. Ali Zahir belongs to the Adaalath party which is a member of the coalition government.

In his defense, Ali Zahir said in a tweet that earlier today, his Twitter account was compromised and unauthorized tweets sent out.

He said that the account is now secured with extra security measures and a complaint lodged with the Police about the incident.

The Chief of Staff further said that he believed this was an attempt to wrongly portray him as having a role in the upcoming MDP elections.