Authorities in Gaafu Dhaalu Dhandhoo had accidentally administered a 4th COVID vaccine dose to an elderly woman on the island.

President of Dhandhoo Council Mohamed Asif had confirmed this to "The Press".

Asif said that the 4th dose was mistakenly given to an 80-year-old woman living on the island. He said that the 4th dose was given yesterday.

Asif further said that since the woman had inadvertently received a 4th dose of the vaccine, the woman was now under observation at the island's Health Center and that she was stable.

He added that he was sure that the staff at the Health Center would not intentionally do such a thing and that the 4th dose was given mistakenly.

Meanwhile, Health Ministry had said that it was now investigating the incident.

Speaking to "The Press", Deputy Director-General Thasleema Usman said that the Health Ministry would co-ordinate with other health agencies to probe the case.

She added that the Ministry was working with all health facilities in the country with regard to such procedures.

Currently, Public Health officials are administering up to doses of the COVID vaccine.