Health Protection Agency HPA has confirmed that it had set up 6 COVID samples collections sites in the Greater Male' Area.

The Agency said these sites include two collection sites being operated in Hulhumale' in Phase I Ruhgandu Area as well as near Hiya Flats Tower H8 in Phase II.

HPA said that in Male', collection sites have been set up near Sinamale' Bridge area as well as another in Henveiru Football Stadium. COVID samples are being collected from the Social Center in Male' and Villimale Flu Clinic.

HPA had been increasing the collection sites in the Greater Male' Area because of the spike in the number of cases being reported in the capital of the country.

The Agency had said that in the last 5 days a total of 14,336 samples have been tested for COVID-19 in the Greater Male' Area. HPA added that out of that 6,481 has tested positive for COVID from the capital in the last five days.

Public Health officials have said before that the recent spike in COVID cases is largely due to the Omicron variant of the COVID virus and that the variant had been found in Male' and several other islands in the country.