State Prosecution says the duo suspected of murdering Filipino Nurse Mary Grace last October, Haleemath Lamha Abdul Rahmaan, and the victim's husband Marvin SY Vargas had discussed giving injections with each other.

While Mary's death was first reported as a suicide, it has been since investigated as a murder and both Lamha and Marvin had been alleged to have played a part in her death. Investigations also revealed that Marvin and Lamha were having an affair.

The Criminal Court today began the murder trial and both Marvin and Lamha's hearings are being held separately.

At today's hearing, State Prosecution said that Lamha, who had been charged with being an accomplice to murder, has been involved in planning the murder as well as helping Marvin kill his wife.

They also revealed that when the incident had happened, the married couple's child was with Lamha and that she had visited the couple's house 20 minutes later.

Victim's husband and the local nurse involved in the case

The Prosecution is working to submit CCTV footage and mobile phone records as forensic evidence.

It also said that both the defendants have discussed giving injections and Marvin had searched for pictures on how to kill a person by strangulation and that he had made the searches on his mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Lamha's defense lawyer Abdullah Shakiru said that the State's evidence was submitted to prove that Mary had died because she was hanged but that this cannot be connected to his client.

He said that the State must prove that Lamha had threatened the victim and that his client had worked to aid Marvin in killing his wife.

Presiding Judge, Hussain Faiz Rashad had given 30 days under remand custody.

While Marvin had been charged with murder, the PG office had decided to pursue three charges against the 19-year-old Lamha.

This includes acting as an accomplice of the murder of nurse Mary Grace and the PG Office had said Lamha had aided in the planning and execution of the heinous act. It added that the suspect will be given a minimum jail sentence of 6 years if found guilty.

Nurse Mary and her husband

The local nurse had also been charged with theft by Taking or Disposition under sections 210 and 211 of the Penal Code. The PG office is pursuing this charge against Lamha after police found syringes that belonged to IGMH during the search of her room in her home.

While Police had also found pills issued solely to health facilities from her room and she had been charged for carrying out any activity that requires a license or permission without obtaining the said license and/or permission.

Both the charges carry a combined minimum sentence of 4 years and 24 days.