CEO of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC Adam Azim says the company would be able to build major infrastructures like bridges in the near future.

He made the statement last night at the ceremony held to mark the 41st anniversary of the company. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and top government officials also took part in the event.

Azim said that MTCC is now headed in a different direction and that the company has now drawn up the vision for its Golden Anniversary to be celebrated 9 years from now.

He noted that vision is full of developmental goals and that MTCC can tackle major global projects as well as huge infrastructures like bridges.

In his speech at the ceremony, MTCC CEO paid tribute to the current administration saying that the company has achieved many of its goals since the Solih's government had come into power.

He said while MTCC had been a company undertaking a few projects before, it has now flourished into the company tackling the most government projects in the country.

Azim said that the company has now increased its productivity and that it can now complete projects that took it 3 years in 1 year.

He said that as the government has pledged, MTCC is striving to complete the developmental projects without delay and that these projects include land reclamation, harbor development, airport development, coastal area protection as well as building hospitals in the country.