President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says the Maldives is open for business and ready to welcome investors.

He said this while delivering the keynote speech at the Maldives Investment Forum held in Dubai.

President Solih stated that the government’s topmost priorities lie in fostering economic growth through sectoral diversification, environmental sustainability, and the prosperity of the Maldivian societies.

He also noted that these goals were parallel to the themes presented in Expo 2020.

The President emphasized that private sector development is a central pillar of the Maldivian government's economic reform agenda.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih/ Photo: President's Office

He said that promoting an enabling environment entails removing unnecessary bureaucratic red tape with streamlined procedures to establish businesses, increase access to finance, and ensure greater responsiveness, transparency, immutability, and security for investors.

President Solih stated that the Maldives is located at the crossroads of the Indian subcontinent, providing a strategic trade conduit between the East and the West.

He said that the Maldives government is taking concrete steps, taking our geographic location into account, to develop the country's investment climate. He also noted that the Maldives' legal and regulatory environment had substantially improved through the various policy reforms targeted at facilitating new investments in infrastructure, transportation, services, and energy.