Police are searching a residence in Alifu Dhaalu Dhagethi in relation to the gruesome murder of local businessman Mahmood Abubakar that has shocked the nation.

Mahmood was found brutally murdered and dumped in a well in an abandoned house on the island last Thursday and reports have confirmed that his arms and legs were bound by a sack when he was found.

Media reports have also said that several stab wounds were also found on the body of the 57-year-old who was well respected on the island.

Sources have confirmed to "The Press", Police are searching a house e on the island in relation to the case and that the name of the residence is 'Nedhun Ge'.

This house is on the same street as the abandoned house where Mahmood's body was dumped.

Sources have said that an elderly local man and his foreign caretaker live in the house and that the elderly man had now been moved to another house.

Reports have said that police have questioned the migrant worker but have yet to confirm whether the person has been arrested or whether the individual is a person of interest in the case.

Police are yet to make a formal statement on the murder that has grabbed the attention of the country and had only said that man had been found murdered on the island and that a team of police officials is currently investigating on the island.

Mahmood's burial was held yesterday afternoon, many attended his funeral

Police had brought the victim's body to Male for some forensic tests and his body was sent back to Dhagethi for burial.

He was buried yesterday after late afternoon prayers and a lot of residents took part in the burial