MP for Kaashidhoo Constituency Abdullah Jabir says the Maldives should allow other religions on its soil.

Speaking at today's Parliamentary sitting, MP Jabir said that he himself believed in Allah SWT and but also believed that religious freedoms should be afforded in the country.

Jabir added that Islam too preached religious tolerance in its teachings and does not hinder such freedoms.

The MP went on to quote Chapter 109 of the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Kafiru, and said that people belonging to other religions should be allowed to practice their faiths in the Maldives.

Jabir also talked about the Evidence Bill and noted that the last four administrations had failed to protect those who offer just evidence and give just evidence statements.

He also called on authorities to look into the terrorist attack targeting the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed earlier this year as well as the brutal murder of religious scholar Dr. Afrasheem Ali.

Jabir also called on authorities to thoroughly investigate recent events in Alifu Alifu Mathiveri where the MP was attacked by an angry mob of inhabitants who also chased him of the island.