Addu Equitorial Hospital says a 92-year-old local woman under quarantine in Addu City has died from COVID-19 today.

In a tweet, it said that today a 92-year-old Maldivian female in quarantine brought to Addu Covid Management Facility ACMF was declared dead at 7:20 am.

The hospital said that this is the 3rd COVID-19 death in Addu City.

Health Protection Agency HPA had later confirmed the death as a COVID death. HPA said that this is the 224th COVID-19 death in the Maldives since April 2020.

This is also the 3rd COVID-19 death reported in the country with a 75-year-old woman dying from the illness yesterday.

HPA had confirmed that the woman had been under treatment at the Hulhumale medical facility when she had succumbed to the illness.

Earlier this month a patient from Fuvamulah City had also died from COVID-19 in the country.

The Maldives has recorded a total of 79,959 COVID-19 cases since March 2020. HPA had said that 78,076 people have since recovered from the illness.

It also said that there are 1,648 active cases of the pandemic in the country with 16 hospitalized for further treatment.