Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed says he has ordered an inquiry into the policing of last night’s protest against sexual harassment.

This comes after a video on social media showed a police officer pepper spray a female protester at close range while she was on the ground. The chaotic scene had unfolded at the protests held to voice concerns against sexual harassment at the workplace.

Protesters on the ground after clash with Police/ Photo: Mariyam Shiuna

The protest was organized by a social activist movement called Rise Up MV who had said last night that one of its protesters had sought treatment at IGMH for injuries sustained at the protest.

In a tweet, Commissioner Hameed said that he fully understands the public concerns regarding the police conduct at the protests last night.

He further said that a thorough investigation into the circumstances and the actions of the officers concerned is now being carried out by Professional Standards.

Maldives Police Services had tweeted separately saying that its Professional Standards Committee has begun the inquiry into how police officers at the scene had used force against the protesters and that the inquiry was now being given the highest priority.

Police added that its Use of Force Committee had also started an investigation into alleged police brutality and added that it would share the details of these inquires as to the investigation proceeds.