President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has congratulated all the candidates who were elected mayors of the four cities in the country after claiming wins in yesterday's local council elections.

Presidential Spokesman Mohamed Mabrook Azeez had said via Twitter that the President had called all four candidates who secured the mayoral seats last night and congratulated them for their win.

President Solih casts his vote today/ Photo: President's Office

Mabrook added that the President had promised the mayor-elects that the government would give its full support for all developmental projects under the decentralization system.

The majority ruling party MDP had secured the Mayoral seats in Addu City, Fuvahmulah, and Kulhudhufushi. Former MP Ali Nizar had secured the mayorship of Addu City while MDP candidate Ismail Rafeeq secured the mayoral seat of Fuvahmulah.

Also, Mohamed Athif of MDP had won the mayorship of Kulhudhufushi City up in the north.

But, MDP had lost its hold on the Male' City Council after conceding 12 of the 19 seats on the council to the opposition PPM. This includes the Mayoral Seat of Male' City which MDP had been holding since the establishment of the decentralized system of governance.