The government has spent more than MVR 3 billion (MVR 3049.5 million) to fight the on-going COVID-19 pandemic as authorities look to mitigate the devastating effects of the nearly year-long pandemic.

According to the weekly COVID-19 spending report, as of 25th February 2021, the government has spent MVR 1504.3 million on health and social aspects of the fight against COVID-19.

It also showed that government spending on the economic response has now reached MVR 1545.2 million.

The report also noted that most of the government spending was issued to the Ministry of Health and National Disaster Management Authority.

This includes MVR 376.8 million spent by the Health Ministry and the MVR 783.8 spent by the National Disaster Management Authority.

Meanwhile, Finance Ministry revealed today that it had issued a total of MVR 292.8 million as income allowance for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry said that the allowance had been issued to 18,534 people and a total of 66,551 transactions have been reported by the Ministry for the allowance.