Health Emergency Operations Center HEOC says 19 people who received the first dose of the covisheild vaccine were admitted to hospitals for further treatment to cope with the side-effects of the vaccine.

Speaking at the last news briefing by HEOC, Chairperson of Maldives Technical Advisory Group on Immunization Dr. Ahmed Faisal said that all 19 were treated for either for loss of consciousness or for developing rashes on their bodies which are allergic reactions to the vaccine.

He said that even though the vaccine dose may cause the recipient to develop a mild fever, if the fever persists then the individuals must seek medical attention to determine the cause of the fever.

With the inoculation drive against the fast-spreading pandemic in full force, authorities have previously confirmed that a 93-year-old man had died after receiving the covishield vaccine earlier this month.

Health Protection Agency HPA had said that the man had multiple underlying medical conditions and had been bedridden for 10 years and received the jab on the 17th of February.

At the time, HPA had said that as per protocol, a full investigation is being carried out to confirm the cause of death, and details will be shared once completed. It also noted that serious events including death can occur unrelated to the vaccine.

Later on, it was reported that the wife of the deceased, an 81-year-old woman had also died after receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

HPA had last night said that a total of 111,415 people have now been given the first dose of the covisheild vaccine donated by India.

It had said that this includes 75, 163 from the Greater Male' Area and 36,252 from the Atolls.

Yesterday alone, HPA had overseen the vaccination of nearly 6000 people across the country.

HPA had said that there are 7 vaccination centers and 2 mobile vaccination centers in the Greater Male' Area while authorities have set up 169 vaccination centers in the Atolls.