Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC has given progress updates about harbor development projects in four islands.

In four separate tweets, MTCC shared the project progress from S. Meedhoo, Haa Dhaalu Hanimaadhoo, Baa Fehendhoo, and Shaviyani Lhaimagu.

MTCC said that the work on Design and Build of Sh. Lhaimagu Harbour is well underway. It said that the new harbor basin dredging works for the project are currently ongoing, with 50 percent completion.

Meanwhile, MTCC said that in the Hanimaadhoo Harbor construction project, 30 percent of the work has now been completed. It said that the new Harbor basin dredging works and maintenance dredging works are currently ongoing, with 68 percent and 90 percent completion respectively.

As for Meedhoo, MTCC said that 90 percent of the harbor construction project is now complete. It said that MTCC has completed quay wall construction works.

It added that pavement installation of the new harbor basin is currently ongoing, with 96 percent now complete.

In Baa Atoll Fehendhoo, MTCC has now completed 75 percent of the harbor construction project. It said that the company has now completed quay wall construction works for the new harbor.