Health Protection Agency HPA says another 112 people had tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives on Sunday, taking the total number of cases beyond 17,800.

HPA said in a tweet that 81 out of the 112 were reported from the Greater Male' Area while 11 COVID-19 cases were reported from inhabited islands. HPA also said that 14 new cases confirmed from operational resorts while 5 cases were reported from industrial islands and another case confirmed from an island under development.

The new cases have taken the total number of COVID-19 cases reported in the Maldives to a staggering 17,828.

HPA had also revealed that 157 people had recovered from the illness in the Maldives yesterday taking the total recoveries to 15,488.

The Agency noted that there are 2315 active cases of COVID-19 in the country and that 193 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized for further treatment.

A total of 58 individuals have succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic here in the Maldives including 51 locals and 7 foreigners.

Authorities have warned that stricter measures could be imminent if the number of new cases reported each day continues to stay beyond 100.

Officials are already implementing strict measures in the Greater Male' Area where the illness is once again rampant. HPA had declared that vehicles would be banned for 12-hours each day in the area from 6 pm to 6 am and have also imposed a curfew in the area from 11:00 pm to 04: am every day.