MP for Naifaru Constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam has called on the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed to hold a special legislative session to nullify the laws that hinder the much-delayed Local Council Elections.

In a series of tweets, MP Shiyam said that Speaker Nasheed must hold a special session to nullify those unconstitutional laws such as “The Special Bill for the Local Council Elections 2020" and "The Special Bill on Ensuring the Operation of Administrative Divisions of the Maldives under Decentralization Policy 2020'.

MP Shiyam also stressed that even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Constitution of the Maldives must be upheld and the citizens must be allowed to exercise their rights including the 'Right to Vote' and other constitutional rights.

MP Shiyam also noted that it has been 400 days since the Opposition Leader Former President Yameen was unlawfully imprisoned and that his party is held hostage while the ruling alliance is campaigning across the Maldives.

He added that the Government knows very well that they are going to lose big time in Local Council Elections and therefore is making further systematic delays via the Elections Commission and the Health Protection Agency.

He questioned whether there still is a democracy in the Maldives and directed his question at President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

MP Shiyam shared his concerns after the Election Commissions confirmed that it cannot hold the delayed local council elections next March as the Health Ministry has further extended the State of Public Health Emergency for an additional month yesterday.