Police have arrested a local man who allegedly returned home from Syria after fighting in the war there.

Commission of Police Mohamed Hameed said that police had arrested the 34-year-old today upon his return to the country. He said that the individual is suspected to have taken part in terrorist activities in Syria.

CP Hameed also said the suspect also appears on the potential list of Maldivian Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs). He added that an investigation is currently underway.

Many Maldivians have traveled to the war-torn country to fight in the Civil War that has been ravaging Syria since 2011.

While the war in the country has now someone died down, foreign fighters who had traveled to the country have been left in limbo with many countries refusing to take back the fighters.

But President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had said before that the government of Maldives would work to bring the Maldivians stranded in Syria.

Maldivian Counter-Terrorism Center had said that around 170 Maldivians had traveled to Syria to fight in the war there.