Elections Commission has released the latest political party registry which shows that membership of the Maldives Democratic Party MDP has declined.

The registry shows a drop of almost 1000 individuals from MDP membership as the opposition PPM records a rise in membership. The statistics show that PPM has gained around 1000 registered followers since the commission update the registry.

MDP boasts a total membership of 52,952 members making it still the most popular political party in the country. But at the end of last year, the party had 53,748 registered members, which means 796 members have rescinded their membership since then.

PPM is the second most popular political party in the country with 37144 registered members. At the end of last year, it had 36054 registered supporters which mean the main opposition party has now gained 1090 new followers.

The third most popular political party in the country is the Jumhooree party with 13825. Maldives Labor Party has the least number of registered members with 2881.

Political Party Membership

  • MDP: 52952
  • PPM 37144
  • Jumhooree Party: 13825
  • MDA: 8178
  • Adhaalaath Party: 6640
  • PNC: 4004
  • MTD:3171
  • MRM: 3023
  • DRP: 2902
  • Labor Party: 2881

Political parties are operated with funds provided by the state budget. The government issues funds to the party based on the scope of their membership.