The untimely death of the 24-year-old firefighter Shaffan Rasheed leaves much mourning for their loss as his family and friends pour their hearts out on social media.

The young man had gone snorkeling alone yesterday and was reported missing by his family late in the evening. Maldives National Defense Force MNDF had initiated a search immediately and their divers were joined by civilian divers in the effort to find the missing fireman.

Tragically, Shaffan was found dead under the sea by one of the civilian divers searching for him.

The news of his demise has rocked the nation but as details of his life came into light more and more have joined the family in mourning their loss.

Shaffan had been working as a dedicated firefighter at Maldives Airport Fire and Rescue for the past five years. His employers had mourned the loss of the young fireman and said that he will be remembered as an exceptional Fire Fighter who was dedicated to these duties and responsibilities assigned.

Described as a cheerful and funny person by a close friend who wished to be anonymous, Shaffan was newlywed and had been enjoying married life for no more than half a month. He leaves behind a young widow and many loved ones who have been pouring their hearts out on social media mourning the loss of their friend and brother.

Social media posts dedicated to the young Firefighter

The utter grief is untimely death has left many of his friends and loved ones unable to completely process the news of his death. Social media posts glorifying Shaffan’s life, his friendly personality, and his kind character have filled most of the individual social media feeds and is a testament to how big of a character the young fireman was.

One friend described it perfectly. Everyone knows him. Everyone on every feed knows him.

We at ‘The Press’ share the family’s sorrow and pray that his soul is granted Jannah.