Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed says he does not want to be President of the Maldives again.

Nasheed said this in an article he wrote for the 6th issue of the Maldives Democratic Party MDP newsletter.

In this article, Nasheed said that MDP would continue to fight against corruption and inmate abuse in correctional facilities in the country.

Nasheed noted that several instruments were included in the 2008 Constitution that looks to thwart corruption in the country but cannot accept that corruption has been wiped out of the society now.

He said that MDP needs to empower its work against corruption.

Nasheed reiterated that he fully supports the government of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and had not ill-wishes against the government.

He said that voicing discontent against a member of the President’s Cabinet was not an easy task and that President Solih himself accepted it.

Emphasizing his support for a parliamentary system of governance in the country, the former President said that the best way for MDP to serve the nation in the next 10 years is through a parliamentary system.

He added that the surest way to ensure that President Solih is elected for the second term is through a parliamentary system.