Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed has called on government ministries not to issue statements regarding the work done by the parliament and not to interfere with its work as a row over the country’s health sector heats up.

Nasheed made the comments after the Ministry of Health issued an explanatory statement questioning the validity of the information shared regarding the country’s health sector at the 32nd meeting of the Parliament Committee on Social Affairs.

Speaking before convening today’s session, Speaker Nasheed said that the Health Ministry had issued a statement on how to operate the parliament.

Nasheed called on the Ministry, the Minister, and its staff not to complicate the country’s constitutional system.

He urged government ministries not to interfere with the parliament’s work and not issue statements regarding the legislative body.

In its statement, the Health Ministry said none of the participants who gave statements at the committee meeting had discussed their statements with the ministry beforehand.

The Ministry said it is imperative to verify the validity of the information shared regarding the country’s health care sector and that the ministry always appreciated the view on how to further strengthen the health sector in the country.

Health Ministry said the healthcare sector is a sector that depends on technically trained personal and that those currently active in the sector are trained in the different ranks within the sector.