Judicial Service Commission JSC invites applications for the Supreme Court bench as two seats on the bench that remain vacant.

JSC said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has requested the commission to send the names of the judges who have applied for the vacant seats on the top court and that the commission has now opened the application for the posts.

JSC said all eligible applicants are invited to send in their applications before the 2:00 pm 16th of August. It also said the commission would accept applications sent via email to its official email address along with all the required documents.

Earlier today, President Solih sought JSC counsel after sending the names of two judges he had wished to be appointed to the Supreme Court bench.

The two names include Haa Dhaalu Kulhudufushi Finifenjanbuge, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, and Dhaftharu No. RS 2302, Ali Rasheed Hussain.

President Solih ratified the 3rd Amendments to the Judicature Act last July.

Following the ratification of this amendment, the total number of judges on the Supreme Court bench was changed to 7, composed of a Chief Justice and 6 additional judges.