Expatriate workers on the Bodufinolhu resort construction site have voiced outrage over the suspension of utility services as they grapple with life without electricity and water.

Speaking to ‘The Press’ a source on site said that yesterday around 11 am water services were cut off followed by electricity to the construction site. The source also said that there are no means to cook on the island and that the migrant workers have notified the parent company RIX of their difficulties.

RIX company is responsible for the expatriate workers on the construction site and the company owned by MP for Milandhoo Constituency Ali Riza.

The source on site clarified that the migrant workers have notified the company about the lack of material required for cooking three days ago and the company had promised solutions at every time. He also said that the company is not answering the workers calls now.

He also said without the essential services, the workers had remained without food since lunch yesterday.

The migrant workers have voiced concerns over their dire situations and have shared their grievances with the local law firm representing the expatriates.

Along with the expatriates, police officers have remained on the resort under construction after the unrest on the island earlier this month. Police had said that the migrants have voiced their concerns over the lack of essential needs but there was no unrest from the migrant workers.

The Press was unable to get a comment from MP Riza on the matter. His company has been in hot water over unpaid salaries to the migrant workers under its authority. The migrant workers have not received their due salaries since January.

The expatriates had rioted in the island and had taken several locals as hostages. In the ensuing scuffles, several police officers were injured and police took hold of the island on the third attempt with the help from its contingent from Male’.

Following the unrest, 19 expatriates were arrested and have been charged under offenses of theft and terrorism. In the resulting court hearings, the expatriates have complained that they have not been paid for 6 months and have been threatened with death if they complained about the situation.