A positive case of Covid-19 viral contagion has been discovered from Maldives National University (MNU) - reported on Saturday.

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) confirms that a staff employed at the MNU was discovered with the viral disease, while authorities further confirm contact-tracing was underway.

While a staff from MNU has tested positive for Covid-19, earlier cases of several teachers from Greater Male' Region schools were discovered with the virus.

Meanwhile, HEOC further attests the batch of students and school staff who tested positive of a Male' region school were not discovered from the school itself.

The Maldives National University will be reopening for regular classes on 9 August, while staff were involved in tranining programs for contact-tracing, sample collection as well as in the rapid-response team.

Following the establishment of National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC), which has now become transitioned to HEOC, staff and students of MNU have been providing their assistance to the efforts against curbing the Covid-19 spread.