The parliament has approved a waiver of 50 percent on duty fees for imported goods via ports in Addu City and Haa Dhaalu Kulhudhufushi.

It approved the waiver after the whole-house committee meeting held to deliberate on the amendments proposed to the Export-Import Act by the MP for Gamu constituency Mohamed Visam.

The Parliament passed the amendments with the approval from 54 MPs.

It said that a 50 percent deduction would be applicable to the import fee charged for the goods outlined in chapters 22, 25, 33, 63, 70, 87, and 96.

Chapter 22 is the chapter on beverages; spirits and vinegar also include Alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

Chapter 25 includes Salt, sulfur, earths and stone, plastering materials, lime and

Cement with the amendment calling for a zero import fee would be applicable at any port.

While chapter 33 constitutes import fees for Essential oils, resinoids, perfumery, cosmetics, or toilet preparations the current amendment proposed an import fee at 25 percent.

The duty charges for goods imported under chapter 63 which includes made up textile articles; sets; worn clothing and worn textile articles; rags would also be waivered.

Also, goods under chapters 70, 87, and 96 were subject to the waiver.

The whole-house committee also approved to remove import fees for construction materials including metal products as well as ceramic products such as floor tiles.

Additionally, import fees for tableware and kitchenware are also subject to the newly approved waiver.