Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed has alleged that a handful of police officers are aiming to raid homes of targeted MPs of the parliament.

Speaking at today’s parliamentary session, Nasheed said that while the parliament is working to approve the Police Services Bill through the parliament, some police officers are specifically targeting certain MPs.

Nasheed urged the police force not to overly pay attention to these MPs and to cease operations to raid their homes or personal vehicles and to keep their work within the conduct standards set by the Police Force.

During the initial debate of the bill, MPs from the ruling MDP have aimed stern criticism at Maldives Police Services, arguing that most officers have low-level education and that they cannot maintain good discipline.

Some MPs have voiced concerns over handing too many powers to the Police whilst also mocking the police uniform and other aspects of the law enforcement agency.

Many including the families of police officers and the general public have stood in defense of such harsh criticisms and many have expressed their support for the police on social media.