Former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has joined the main opposition party PPM, as the country’s political landscape appears to be reshuffling amid talks of infighting within the ruling government.

Dr. Jameel signed for PPM at a ceremony held at the residence of PPM’s Vice-President and former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muiz. After he signed for the party, PPM appointed Dr. Jameel as the advisor to the party.

Speaking to the media after joining the opposition, Dr. Jameel said that it is unacceptable that a former President of the country who played a massive role in the development of the nation now sits in a jail cell.

He went onto say that he is delighted to re-join PPM.

This is the second time Dr. Jameel has joined PPM. The former VP serves on the legal team of former President Abdullah Yameen while he has also served under Former President Nasheed, former President Maumoon, and Former President Dr. Waheed as a cabinet minister.

Dr. Jameel had been acting as an advisor to the Leader of Jumhuooree party but there have been rumors that the former VP would rejoin PPM after he left the official Whatsapp group of JP.

Earlier this week, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has appointed former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan as the party's Special Advisor.