Maldives Criminal Court on Tuesday has ordered to hold the rape suspect of a minor in remand until the end of their trial.

Initially, the alleged suspect was let go after it was revealed sexual abuse or rape against minors is not categorized under serious crimes in the criminal procedures act.

Meanwhile Maldives Police Service on Tuesday revealed the identity of the suspect who is a 28 year old male from the island of Baa atoll Thulhaadhoo.

The suspect has been identified as one Unais Ahmed and his mugshot was disclosed by Police. Moreover, the authority adds the suspect had deceptively brought a minor to a local guesthouse situated in Male' City.

Unais Ahmed is charged for the sexual molestation and rape of a minor.

On Monday, the suspect was summoned to Criminal Court for his remand hearing. However seeing that their was a break in protocol as well as an earlier judgement of Maldives High Court does not identify sexual abuse or rape against minors as a serious crime, it was declared the maximum remand period for non-serious crimes will be a maximum of 15 days and no more.

However, the Criminal Court judge identifies that the situations cited under provisions 59 and 60(b) of Criminal Procedure Act, as the suspect is accused of using deception and impostering in order to sexually victimize a minor. The judge notes the suspect poses a threat and danger to the society should he be released back into public.

Meanwhile local law enforcement is carrying out investigation on the case before presenting their report to Prosecutor General's office to press charges.