Maldives Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has once again reiterated the abrupt culmination to his presidency in 2012 came through a planned coup d'etat.

The incumbent parliament speaking became the first democratically elected President of Maldives in 2008, shocking several in the contemporary political scene then.

Though many claimed his victory was imminent, he met fierce competition from former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

In 2008, Gayoom's 30 year long reign as the Maldives president concluded and Nasheed was subsequently labled as a 'champion of democracy.'

However, in 2012 Nasheed's first run as president came to an abrupt halt and he announced stepping down from his role as the Maldives statesman.

The nationwide conflict was believed to have ignited further after Nasheed ordered the imprisonment of a sitting judge in the Maldives apex court.

Following Nasheed's decision to step down from presidency, the void was filled by Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik who had been the running mate of Nasheed during the elections.

Manik had become the Vice President of Nasheed's administration, and initially was believed to step down along with his presidential candidate.

However, the Maldives politics saw a paradigm shift in powers as Manik assumed the responsibility of an interim President.

Many in the Maldivian Democratic Party's congress as well as its members believe Manik played an instrumental role in Nasheed's dethroning. Long affiliated members of MDP further alleged Manik had commandeered the coup d'etat against Nasheed.

The issue has come to light once again after the former Vice President was recently subjected to a roadside harrassment by one disgruntled MDP activist.

Following the incident, Manik issued out a statement addressing his and his wife's experience while out for a morning walk.

While some rushed to defend Manik and condemn the political activist's actions, others had reaffirmed their distrust and frustration towards the former Vice President.