The prime suspect in an alleged rape case involving an 11 year old minor, has received remand of 7 days at Criminal Court.

According to the latest reports, the suspect was remanded for 7 days while Maldives Prosecutor General made the request as such at the Criminal Court.

Furthermore, it was confirmed the suspect requested to be represented by an advocate in their defense.

Meanwhile, Maldives Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed had requested for the suspect to be remanded until the end of their trial. The commissioner sent a letter requesting as such to Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem.

This marks the first such instance in last five years, where Maldives Police have requested for specific treatment of a suspect under the Sexual Abuse against Children's Act.

Authorities arrested a local as the prime suspect of the case through a court order. The suspect was arrested on Friday evening.

The incident was believed to have occurred on Wednesday, at a guesthouse operating in Male' City.

So far it is unclear how the alleged suspect took a minor the guesthouse amid total lockdown in Male' City. Moreover, the owners of the guesthouse are yet undisclosed.

Maldives Police Service claimed fast-track investigation on the matter, as in recent years sexual abuse cases against minors have become alarmingly high.